Mr. Ronald Opar Lakwit

Name: Mr. Ronald Opar Lakwit

Position: Lecturer and Finance Management Consultant


  • Master of Science in Accounting and Finance from the Institute of Chartered Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) III
  • Bachelor of Education (Business)
  • Diploma in Education (Business studies)
  • Diploma in Business Studies (UDBS)


  • Certificates in Computerized Accounting Software (Patel, Tally, QuickBooks)
  • Education Management Information System (EMIS) II
  • Entrepreneurship for Trainers
  • Budget Management and Control
  • Procurement Planning and Management
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Curriculum Development
  • Statistical Methods and Computer Applications in Research with emphasis on SPSS packages
  • Resource Mobilization and Management
  • Leadership and Governance of NGOs
  • Fundraising Techniques
  • Financial Management for NGOs
  • Management of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • Institutional Management
  • Leadership and Governance

Professional Experience: Ronald Opar Lakwit brings 24 years of professional experience in academia. His expertise spans various domains within finance management, education, and NGO governance.

Ronald’s academic background, coupled with a diverse range of certifications, equips him with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in finance management, education management, and organizational governance. His proficiency in computerized accounting software and statistical analysis tools enhances his ability to provide data-driven insights and solutions.

As a lecturer and finance management consultant, Ronald is adept at delivering high-quality training and consultancy services tailored to the needs of his clients. His extensive experience in curriculum development and educational leadership ensures that his teaching methodologies are effective and engaging.

Ronald’s passion for capacity development and his commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to the team at Partnership for Development Capacity Consult (PDCC). His expertise in finance management and education enables him to contribute significantly to the organization’s mission of fostering sustainable development through capacity building.