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Welcome to Partnership for Development Capacity Consult (PDCC), where we specialize in comprehensive development research and consultancy services. At PDCC, we believe in creating meaningful partnerships to drive sustainable development initiatives. With a focus on environment management, poverty studies, and management and leadership development, we strive to make a positive impact on communities and organizations.

Development Research

At PDCC, we understand the critical role of research in informing effective development strategies. Our team specializes in conducting comprehensive research in various fields, including:

a. Environment Management

  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA): We conduct thorough assessments to understand the potential environmental impacts of projects, ensuring sustainable practices and compliance with regulations.
  • Baseline Surveys: Our baseline surveys provide essential data for monitoring and evaluating environmental changes over time, guiding informed decision-making.

b. Poverty Studies

  • Action Research: Through action-oriented research, we identify practical solutions to address poverty and its underlying causes, promoting inclusive development.
  • Publications: We disseminate our findings through publications to facilitate knowledge-sharing and stimulate dialogue on poverty alleviation strategies.

Management and Leadership Development

PDCC is dedicated to strengthening organizational capacity and empowering leaders to drive positive change. Our services include:

a. Institutional Capacity Assessment: We assess the strengths and weaknesses of organizations to develop tailored capacity-building interventions.

b. Organizational Management Support Services: We offer practical support in areas such as strategic planning, human resource management, and performance monitoring.

c. Community Leadership Skills Development: We empower community leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead effectively and mobilize resources for development initiatives.

d. Organizational Strengthening: We work closely with organizations to enhance their governance structures, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

e. Financial Management and Resource Mobilization: We provide training and support to improve financial management practices and mobilize resources for sustainable development projects.

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Physical Address: Nyipir Road, Nebbi Municipal Council (Opposite AFARD Office), West Nile Sub-Region, Republic of Uganda

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